sabato 7 dicembre 2013

martedì 22 ottobre 2013

new build:verona bike show

here we are.....just a little pic to let you have an idea about our new build....
this year I won't post the labour step by step,just some pics here and there.....the surprise will be greater!!!!
but I can say in advance that this is the most complex and complete project ever done....starting from frame,fork,handlebar,gas tank,all the sheet metal,exhausts,air filters,even the lights are one-off and completely self-made!!!!a lot of work,a lot of pride...stay tuned!!!!!

lunedì 10 giugno 2013

Aqualung:lowride magazine june 2013 cover bike

photo by Marco Frino

models: Marta Bertazzoni,Simona Alessi

make up:Francesca Rossi

...latest builds.....LINDA!

2003 fat a little bit less "FAT"....
this bike depends to Christian,tattoo artist with his shop "ventoforato",in imperia....more than a friend,a real bro!!!!

photo by Marco Tagliabò...thx man!!!