lunedì 2 febbraio 2015

"nickels and dimes" flathead lsr ready!!!!!!!!

 here some pics of our land speed racer(and also show bike),stroker flatty called "NICKELS & DIMES".

a lot of very hard work,finished just in time to be presented on verona's bike show last week,with a total of 8 days to assemble the baby.

photo by Horst Rosler

editing by  Marco Tagliabò
                         AWESOME paint job(done in very few days!!!!) by Ivan artist,a friend.
                          also special thanks to Andrea Lava of "LA 1972" for another of his amazing seats...not                                VINILE,REAL LEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

special thx toLowbrow Customs for rear fender,

Galvanotecnica for the sssssssuper great polish-chrome-molding of all alu and stainless're great!!!

and now.....ready to fire her and test drive... be aware bonneville!!!!

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  1. Clamorosa! Il telaio è originale VL giusto? Con qualche "aggiustamento" mi pare di vedere?